Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Damage – Chicago Home

Fire damage to this Chicago home started with a grease fire in the kitchen. Grease fires burn very hotly creating considerable smoke damage with the accompanyin... READ MORE

Water Damage – Chicago Home

Water damage struck this Chicago home when a strong band of thunderstorms packing very high winds tore a large section of the home’s roof off allowing a l... READ MORE

Damage to a Public Building in Chicago from a Storm

The ground water from the severe sudden rain storm flowed into this level of a large retail store in Chicago. The access to the restrooms area had several inche... READ MORE

Hyde Park Storm Problems

This home in Hyde Park was saturated with groundwater from a sudden and severe rain storm. The photo shows our SERVPRO Applied Structural Drying technicians att... READ MORE

Mold Damage to Kenwood Condo

Mold Damage at a Kenwood Condominium started when a water heater began leaking. The water pooled in an area that wasn’t readily visible. There was no light in t... READ MORE

Water Damage – Hyde Park Wood Flooring

Water damage to the wood floors in this Hyde Parke home had been caused be a minor leak in a water supply line. The property owner had cleaned up the surface wa... READ MORE

Hyde Park Hotel Commercial Water Issue

This meeting room in a Hyde Park hotel had a problem with the fire-suppressant sprinkler system. It discharged sufficient water to wet the carpet and create a m... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Bronzeville Home

Fire damage at this Bronzeville kitchen started as a grease fire. As the before photo shows, the ultimate damage wrecked their entire kitchen. The family was ex... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Bridgeport Home

Storm damage severely impacted this Bridgeport home when a tree was blown down and penetrated the roof. Our project began with cutting the tree into manageable ... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Hyde Park Kitchen

Flood damage to this kitchen in Hyde Park was the result of a broken water line to the dishwasher. Unfortunately, it happened when the family was away visiting ... READ MORE