Recent Before & After Photos

Chicago Fire Not from Mrs. O'Leary's Cow

Neither the cow nor its owner started this kitchen fire in Chicago. As is often the case, an unattended stovetop frying pan ignited from the grease and rapidly ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Chicago Home

Storm damage at this Chicago home took place when high winds accompanying a strong band of thunderstorms ripped portions of the roof from the house. Rainwater w... READ MORE

Water Damage – Chicago Home

Water damage struck this Chicago home when a strong band of thunderstorms packing very high winds tore a large section of the home’s roof off allowing a l... READ MORE

Damage to a Public Building in Chicago from a Storm

The ground water from the severe sudden rain storm flowed into this level of a large retail store in Chicago. The access to the restrooms area had several inche... READ MORE

Mold Damage to Kenwood Condo

Mold Damage at a Kenwood Condominium started when a water heater began leaking. The water pooled in an area that wasn’t readily visible. There was no light in t... READ MORE

Water Damage – Hyde Park Wood Flooring

Water damage to the wood floors in this Hyde Parke home had been caused be a minor leak in a water supply line. The property owner had cleaned up the surface wa... READ MORE

Hyde Park Hotel Commercial Water Issue

This meeting room in a Hyde Park hotel had a problem with the fire-suppressant sprinkler system. It discharged sufficient water to wet the carpet and create a m... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Bronzeville Home

Fire damage at this Bronzeville kitchen started as a grease fire. As the before photo shows, the ultimate damage wrecked their entire kitchen. The family was ex... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Bridgeport Home

Storm damage severely impacted this Bridgeport home when a tree was blown down and penetrated the roof. Our project began with cutting the tree into manageable ... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Hyde Park Kitchen

Flood damage to this kitchen in Hyde Park was the result of a broken water line to the dishwasher. Unfortunately, it happened when the family was away visiting ... READ MORE