What our Customers say...


Chris and his team did and amazing job cleaning my basement after a flood from a pile that burst. Chris is super nice, professional, and knowledgeable. The team showed up right on time (I love punctual people) and ready to work. He took his time explaining everything that was going to or could take place. I had a lot of water damage and mold forming in majority of my basement. They took their time and did everything thoroughly. They were able to remove and treat all of the places with mold and they took care of my items that were salvageable. They also did a great job cleaning up behind themselves. Give Chris a raise he’s amazing!

Good Morning.
I just wanted to let you know the job you did for our insured, Frank Y. went very well. He was raving about how wonderful it went and how impressed he was that Frank had stopped by to check on everything and the end. he said the communication with the Hartford adjuster was seamless and he couldn't be happier!

It really gives me great peace of mind knowing I can refer our clients to you, and know they will be satisfied because you always go above and beyond.

Best Regards,

I know who I will call anytime I have a problem with mold in my home. Your crew was fantastic!

I was expecting it to take a few days for your team to arrive since there was so many storms. Very impressed you arrived within a day and started to dry my home. 

Very impressed with your hardworking team. Fantastic job!

I called right away when I saw the water running down my walls after the storm hit. SERVPRO arrived quickly and placed a tarp on the roof to prevent more water coming in. They then removed all of the water that came in. Thanks!

The smoke and pungent smell from my kid’s attempt at cooking was pretty bad. Yet, your man came out and got rid of the smells as we went to a fast food place to eat. Good job.

I was shocked how quickly SERVPRO came out to my house. The busted pipe caused a mess that they cleanup up fast. Impressive.

Your team handled the fire damage in my kitchen quickly and made it easy for me to understand what was being done. Big thumbs up!

The smoke damage after a fire in our retail store didn’t stand a chance. Your team responded and began work immediately, couldn’t ask for better services.

You responded quickly to our request for help after a recent storm caused problems in our home. Huge thanks to everyone on your staff.

After being in and out of the doctor’s office for months, we decided to check the house for mold. Your team caught the problem right away and made our home healthy again.

Outstanding job repairing water damage in our home. You made repairs quickly and helped us get rid of the leak in our roof, couldn’t ask for better service.

I didn’t know where to start until a friend told me about SERVPRO. You offered a lot of great information about mold and how to stop the problem entirely, thanks.

Having a tool shop full of water does little to impress customers. Your team was able to get the water out, repair the problem, and keep our doors open. Thanks.

A recent storm caused flooding in our basement that was simply out of control. Your team got the water out and performed repairs fast.

SERVPRO did a fantastic job repairing the damage in my house after an electrical fire broke out in our den. Insanely difficult time made better by a professional team.

Choosing a water restoration company for our home was a difficult decision. But, we knew we made the right one as soon as we met your team. Professional, courteous, and thorough. Thanks, SERVPRO.

Would never have believed you could finish this in one day, and our customers can't tell it ever happened.  Crews were exceptionally polite and professional too.  Thank you SERVPRO of Hyde Park!

The place is clean and there is no smoke odor whatsoever.  Thanks for helping us keep our doors open for business too.

We will be using your firm again.  Our lobby has never looked better!

Your crew worked efficiently and were so careful with our things!  You're the best in downtown Chicago by far.

Thank you for your prompt response to our basement water issue. Your crew on Saturday 7/22/17 was excellent, Tony and his team were very helpful and professional. Also, our final pick-up crew of Nick & Nick, was also very good. And of course Ana Perez is always there for us! Many Thanks!

Thanks for making my water damage just a past memory! Your team of water damage professionals saved my kitchen and my sanity. Thanks again.

Don't let fire damage destroy your property. Call these experts today! They will come out quickly and give you a fair estimate. Great job.

Terrific Work! I will refer you to everyone I know. In fact, I hand out your business cards to everyone that has a flood problem.

I'm so proud of the work you guys did removing the mold in my bathroom. It is a great job. We appreciate the super work.

You guys responded quickly to the water damage in my living room. I'm so happy I called this company of experts. They knew what to do and have seen many types of Armour Square water damage!

We are so pleased with the restoration and repair work you did for our home! Thanks so much for ridding us of fire damage!

You guys pulled off terrific work! I am so happy with how our new kitchen looks! The flood damage is gone!

We discovered mold in our daughter's room after a recent storm. She was getting sick all the time. Thankfully, you guys pinpointed the mold damage and removed it quickly.

My kids still talk about the huge dehumidifiers your team brought in to clean up their playroom after it suffered water damage due to a leaking window. I still talk about how wonderful a job your team did. The whole family says thanks!

My elderly mother is a bit of a careless smoker, so her Hyde Park home had several areas of fire damage. We were shocked to find the damage after she moved to an assisted living facility. Thanks for repairing all the damaged areas. The house looks great and smells good also. Great job.

So much mold had grown so quickly, and it was quite out of hand. I am so glad I found your company and professional staff who took care of all of the mold cleanup and the source of the moisture that it was feeding off of.

I could not say enough good things about this company. Our pipes under our sink burst and it was a huge mess, but your team fixed it and made it like new again.

Our landlord’s apartment is adjacent to ours, and the fire in his apartment caused smoke and soot damage in our apartment. This company was able to quickly and efficiently clean up the mess and odor for us.

When my drain got clogged and my washing machine sprung a leak, it was unbelievable how much water was in my basement. Thankfully I found your company, and you had the water drained and our home dry again as quick as could be.

Little did I know that I had a much bigger mold problem that was hidden than I realized. Thank goodness that your company knew how to check for mold inside the walls and fixed the problem and stopped the mold from spreading.