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SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville

SERVPRO of Hyde Park/E. Bridgeport/Bronzeville takes great pride in being a part of the Hyde Park/E. Bridgeport/Bronzeville community. We want to do our part to ensure the Hyde Park/E. Bridgeport/Bronzeville community thrives by helping those less fortunate, keeping the area safe and making our community the best it can be.

Location: Virtual Classroom. Secure password required.

2 Dates Available: May 4, 2021 or May 6, 2021

Course#: 6000083623

Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Registration begins at 9:00 AM

100% attendance and a photographic ID are required to receive CE credit for this course
Virtual classroom will open 30 minutes early to check photographic ID and confirm license number.
To RSVP and receive your secure virtual classroom password email at office@SERVPROoaklawn.com or call (708) 239-1444.

Please RSVP for this event by clicking here.