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Keeping Your Business Dry When Flood Conditions Are Present | SERVPRO of Hyde Park/East Bridgeport/Bronzeville

2/21/2024 (Permalink)

Aerial images of damage caused by flood Has an unexpected flash flood invaded your business? SERVPRO of Hyde Park/East Bridgeport/Bronzeville is Here to Help® restore your space. Call us!

Floods may seem like a situation that doesn’t happen all that often around here, but you might be surprised! 

Floods don’t just happen when it rains really hard during the spring and summer. They can also happen due to manmade accidents like burst water mains or busted pipes in your business. 

Either way, flood situations can be overwhelming experiences and can cause serious damage in a short amount of time. Knowing what to do before, during and after a particular flood can help you navigate the unexpected with a little more confidence.

Flash Flood Situations 

If there is a strong storm in the forecast that is predicted to dump a lot of rain on the Chicago area, it’s time to start getting your outdoor space ready for the upcoming deluge. Check on your gutters to make sure your downspouts are on and pointed away from your home, tie down any patio furniture and bring it inside, and secure any signage or other things that cannot be brought in. 

You should also consider closing your patio or closing up shop temporarily while the storm is blowing through. Flood conditions can be dangerous for anyone walking around downtown. 

If the water starts flowing down the street, offer your business as a safe sheltering location so anyone that is still out and about can stay dry and safe. Stay calm if the water starts rushing into your building. Eventually the rain will stop and the storm will move on. 

Manmade Floods

Manmade floods are a different beast, as this type of situation can be overwhelming and cause a serious amount of water to flood into your space. Broken pipes, busted water mains and sink overflows can quickly get out of hand. 

If you aren’t present when the situation begins, your entire property could be overflowed with potentially dangerous water. As soon as you discover the situation, locate the appropriate water valve and shut it off to stop the flow of water.

Avoid walking through the water if at all possible. If you aren’t sure where the water came from or what kind of water the particular pipe in question was carrying, the water may very well be dangerous to be exposed to. Stay high above the water line and get us on the phone. 

What to Do After the Flood

Use extreme caution when walking around your business. Broken floorboards, loose nails and sharp debris may be lurking under the water or around your space. Take as many photos as you can of the damage. Your insurance company will want them for your claim, and they can also help us create our recovery plan for you.

Our team will come out to your property right away to get started on your flood restoration. We move quickly to extract the standing water, but we are thorough enough to ensure any hidden moisture is identified and removed as well. We will then tackle repairs to help return your property to its preloss state. Our goal is to get you back open for business as quickly as possible. 

Flooding situations can cause serious damage for a business. Call SERVPRO of Hyde Park/East Bridgeport/Bronzeville for immediate assistance. 

Immediate Response Counts When You Need Water Damage Mitigation Services in Chicago

5/15/2023 (Permalink)

stored air movers in box truck SERVPRO offers plenty of air movers to mitigate your water damaged Chicago property. "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Offers Reliable Water Damage Cleanup Solutions in Chicago

Professional water damage mitigation services can make a property owner feel better amid the panic of such incidents. Since emergencies are unpredictable, you must call restoration experts immediately if things get out of hand. If you delay, more damage will likely occur since the water might keep moving to drier areas and cause additional damage that might have been prevented by seeking immediate help.

When our SERVPRO technicians attend to water removal incidents in Chicago, we inspect the property and share the results with the customer. With the help of the findings, we can formulate steps to dry your property safely. Determining the sources of the water and whether it has been stopped is among the first things we perform.

Other important steps you should expect us to perform at the site include the following:

  • Take photographs of the damaged areas
  • Document restorable and unsalvageable contents
  • Use moisture detection tools to find out whether areas are dry
  • Find a way of preventing possible hazards such as electrocution and falls.

Our SERVPRO team determines whether the occupants can continue their normal operations as the water damage remediation continues. We can also ventilate the area or put containment measures in place if necessary. If the cost of restoring items is higher than what can be spent on replacing them, we advise our clients accordingly.

Based on the results we got from our assessment, we can recommend in-house drying. The procedure is usually suitable when the damage is not extreme, and the structure has enough space to set up specialized equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers. When we opt for in-house drying, we must let the owner know the restoration work duration.

At SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call (312) 509-5000 when you need to work with a reliable water damage company that offers urgent restoration services anytime.

Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration 24/7 in Chicago

3/27/2023 (Permalink)

Equipment with yellow ducts going into a building with water damage If you experience water damage in your Chicago home, call on the professionals at SERVPRO to help.

SERVPRO Acts Fast in Chicago to Address Your Water Damage Needs

Whether you own a home or run a business, you need to know that the faster you act to have a water emergency cleaned up, the better your chances are of total recovery. SERVPRO is available 24-hours a day, including nights and weekends, to address the water cleanup needs for Chicago area residences and businesses. Whether you are dealing with burst pipes connected to your second-floor bathroom or storm flooding is coming into your main living area, we have the scalability to address your needs. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Did you know that water mitigation is imperative for any call we receive to address water damage in Chicago? With proper mitigation, our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) can limit property loss after you have a water-related emergency. We can be there within hours of your initial contact with our customer care center to begin:

  • Assessment/inspection
  • Water removal services
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing
  • Controlled demolition/restoration (as needed)

Water damage from hidden leaks can also bring several issues within any structure. Depending on the cause, water stains could develop on walls and ceilings. Another tell-tale sign of a slow leak within your home or business could be foul, musty odors. If you notice any water issues, it is best to contact our team to begin inspection and cleanup!

We Take a Customized Approach to All Water Damage Restoration Calls

Each water emergency is unique, from the cause and location to other factors like interior layout, materials impacted, relative humidity, and more. Our IICRC certified technicians have been through ample training. We take the time to note the cause of the problem, the extent of water infiltration, and overall severity before we even begin. In most water clean-up calls, we will use extraction and drying techniques in tandem to help us reach our goals. 

Many different variables are involved that determine the drying rate for all contents and materials. We consider some of the factors will be the type of material, interior temperatures, and any existing air currents. Should there be damp air within your building, it could also slow down the water removal process. These important areas can be addressed with simple tweaking to the equipment we used to create optimal drying conditions. Some of our most-used equipment on water restoration projects includes:

  • Powerful gas-powered or submersible pumps
  • Truck-mounted extractors
  • Carpet wands
  • Rovers (weighted extractors
  • Axial fans
  • Centrifugal air movers
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers

Hidden Moisture is No Match for SERVPRO

Water is known to travel to dry spaces while following the path of least resistance. With any significant spill or flooding, following the migration is key to ensuring no hidden moisture lingers. Any hidden moisture pockets could lead to mold and mildew growth, but there is also the possibility of costly secondary damage. We can locate moisture that might have gotten trapped behind walls, under flooring, and other enclosed areas with the help of moisture sensors, thermal imaging technology, and moisture meters. 

Should there be substantial water behind walls, our technicians may use boreholes to create drains. The next step would be forcing warm, dry air inside to help facilitate the venting and dehumidifying process. For any materials that seem to have excess moisture, a drying chamber may be used to create a better environment conducive to our drying goals. 

SERVPRO of Hyde Park/E. Bridgeport/Bronzeville is there to help whenever you require reliable water damage assistance. You can reach us for emergency service by dialing (312) 509-5000.

Prompt Water Mitigation Services for Chicago Apartments

12/25/2022 (Permalink)

water covering the floor of a kitchen Dealing with water damage on your own is never easy. Contact us to investigate the cause and remediate the water damage in your home.

Assessing Your Need for Water Mitigation

Mitigation is an important phase of recovery after disasters in area apartments. Owners and renters must understand the order of events so they might get needed restoration work started to protect what matters most. After a disaster, homeowners should:

  • Contact restoration professionals
  • Move items that could be in the damage path 
  • Get to safety if hazards exist
  • Contact your insurance provider

Water Damage Repair Services

While many consider water mitigation in Chicago apartments to begin with water removal services, it is often more necessary for our SERVPRO team to determine if repairs are needed first. From board-up services to emergency repairs for the plumbing system after leaks and breaks, our general contractor license can be instrumental in thwarting continued damage to the structure.

Extracting Standing Surface Water

To prevent absorption into materials and contents, it is critical to begin extraction as soon as possible. The wall systems used in high-rise apartment buildings are not often thick and formidable, making water movement easy after prolonged exposure. We focus on the earliest actions possible to clear surface pooling. We have several extraction devices in our inventory, though the process is often down to a combination of pumps and vacuums to remove any standing water threats.

Transitioning to Restoration

One of the ultimate objectives of successful mitigation is directly transitioning to the restoration needs of the apartment. Time is critical with multiple units connected to prevent avoidable water migration through wall systems that could cause greater concerns. Extraction and repairs are often suitable foundations to begin setting up drying equipment. 

Mitigating water damage in Chicago apartments can be a large undertaking for even experienced professionals like ours. Many high-rise structures require unique restoration approaches after disasters, as multiple units could get impacted. Give our SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville team a call today at (312) 509-5000. 

Drying Hardwood Flooring after Water Removal in Your Chicago Home

7/18/2022 (Permalink)

water drops on hardwood Proper steps must be followed to dry water damaged hardwood flooring correctly. If you experienced water damage, contact SERVPPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Follow Proven Steps When Dealing with Water Damage

Finished flooring is becoming increasingly popular in today’s homes in Chicago. When it becomes flooded for any reason, how it is treated depends on the kind of wood, kind of finish, response time, amount of moisture, the method of installation, and the degree of water damage that is already evident. 

As with all water-related incidents, timing is of the utmost importance. Your floors risk permanent damage if water removal in Chicago is not taken care of right away in your home. Hardwood flooring absorbs moisture more slowly because of the porosity of the product, but a restoration specialist from SERVPRO is needed to repair the damage for you. 

Upon arrival at your home, we begin our inspection – a crucial part of the restoration process. Hardwood flooring comes in various species, including maple, oak, pine, and cherry, and each variety poses different challenges in the drying process because of the multiple absorption levels. 

The initial installation method needs assessment as well. It could have been glued, nailed, or floating. Moisture can allow for the release of glues, and if the installation occurred with a floating method, it might not be authentic wood and could be laminated. 

Effective drying of hardwood floors is a slow process that could sometimes take seven to ten days to let the flooring get rid of enough water to stop the forced drying process. SERVPRO staff know that removing all the absorbed moisture from the floor results in high costs, and you must let nature help in the process. 

The process of drying hardwood must be halted when the moisture content is at four percent of the dry standard of that flooring. After this, nature removes the rest of the water, although prolonged. It could take anywhere from three to six months. After it is adequately dried, some damage to the finish could remain. Sometimes finishes need removing to allow for proper moisture removal. Once the floor is dry, it can be re-finished. 

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville understands how to dry various hardwood flooring so that you can trust your floor to them confidently. We are available anytime at (312) 509-5000 for Bridgeport, Bronzeville, or Chicago residents.

Overflowing Water Can Cause Water Damage In Your Chicago Home

6/26/2022 (Permalink)

an overflowing kitchen sink with water spilling onto the counter and floor When your sink overflows, you need a professional to assess and remediate the damage. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for effective remediation services.

Overflowing Water Can Cause Water Damage

Water can damage your Chicago home at any given moment or time. A sink or bathtub can overflow, or a pipe or supply line may burst. When an accident occurs in your house such as an overflowing tub or sink, water can flow onto the floor and can damage the flooring, walls, and the ceiling beneath the tub. To prevent extensive damage to the residence, it is best to contact professionals and let them handle the problem as soon as possible. Our team is well experienced in water damage restoration and can make it look “Like it never even happened.”

You can trust our professional SERVPRO water damage services in Chicago. Our crew is highly trained to work quickly to remove water from the affected areas. Doing so may help reduce the damages to your property. Microbial growth can cause effects, which is why our techs work fast to migrate water from the structure. Our team arrives at your residence within hours after you contact us. The crew has the proper equipment to extract all standing water and to completely dry the affected areas in the home. The technicians may use extractors, pumps, and vacuums to eliminate excess water.

During the drying stage, the crew may use a variety of equipment such as air movers, axial fans, and dehumidifiers to dry the air, structure, ceiling, and flooring. We also dry items in the home such as furniture and personal belongings. To make sure the interior of the home is thoroughly dry; the team may use moisture detection devices to locate hidden moisture from behind walls and flooring. Moisture can cause mold damage and rot, which is why using these tools helps our techs ensure the affected areas are thoroughly dry.

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville is here to help and is always nearby. If you have ever had a water emergency in your home, call us at (312) 509-5000 right away. Our water removal services are available 24/7 in the Kenwood, Bridgeport, South Shore and other surrounding areas in Chicago.

Prevent Water Damage to Your Chicago Home

5/14/2022 (Permalink)

water flooding from gutters Rain and burst pipes can cause water damage to your Chicago home. SERVPRO can help.

SERVPRO Can Help Prevent Water Damage to Your Chicago Home 

Water damage can happen to your home in many different ways. You cannot always prevent damage from extreme weather such as a storm or flood, but there are many things you can do to prevent other kinds of water damage.

A burst pipe, a leaky appliance, a faulty gutter, or runoff from your garden can all cause water damage to your Chicago home. Water damages your belongings and furniture, affects the structure of your home, and can be a source for mold growth. Your home will be less pleasant to live in. If left unchecked, water damage can cause structural problems which are costly to repair.

Prevention is better than cure. Our SERVPRO water damage experts recommend the following to prevent water damage to your home:

  • Keep your roof and gutters in good order. Regularly check your roof and gutters for any damage or leaks. Get any problems remedied when you find them – don’t wait.
  • Clean your gutters. Even gutters in good condition can cause water damage if they get clogged. Go up to your gutters and clean out any leaves, branches, birds nests, or other debris.
  • Be careful where you plant. Trees and shrubs make your garden look beautiful, but many have invasive roots that wrap around your pipes and break them. SERVPRO recommends checking out where your pipes go and being mindful of what you plant near them.
  • Use a drain snake. Every homeowner battles a blocked sink at some point. It is easy to reach for a chemical unblocker, but some of them contain harsh chemicals that erode pipes. A drain snake is inexpensive, effective, and easy to use.
  • Throw away your grease. Pouring grease down your kitchen sink clogs the pipes and leads to blockages and even damage. Put any grease into a separate container and dispose of it in the trash instead.
  • Check your water bill. Some leaks are hard to spot. Your water bill can give you a clue before you notice the physical evidence. Keep an eye on your bill – unexpected rises in water costs or usage indicate a potential leak.
  • Replace your washing machine hose. An old washing machine hose is water damage waiting to happen. Don’t let a worn-away hose become a cause of water damage in your house. Replace it regularly to prevent problems.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

No matter how careful you are, water damage can still occur. Call SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000 for assistance.

Can Water Damage Mitigation Restore a Chicago Living Room Carpet?

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage restoration equipment SERVPRO water damage mitigation service for Chicago residents is top-notch. We are ready at a moment's notice, 24/7 365 days a year.

Chicago SERVPRO Water Damage Mitigation Techs Clean and Dry Wet Residential Carpets

Chicago residents experiencing a water leak in their living room may be at a loss as to how to address it. Many pipe leaks happen suddenly and can go undetected for hours or even days after starting. However, fast-acting mitigation is necessary to keep water bills from increasing dramatically and prevent microbial growth.

Chicago water damage mitigation techs at SERVPRO use industrial-grade sanitation and restoration equipment and solutions to return properties to a pre-disaster state. This service can include cleaning, drying, and reinstalling wet carpets and pads.

SERVPRO’s In-Place Carpet Cleaning Process

Water cleanup techs can clean and dry carpet and pad without moving them in clean water incidents less than 72 hours old. This strategy allows for restoration with minimal disruption and moving of furniture or occupants’ schedules.

  • SERVPRO crew members extract water in 10’ x 10’ squares, starting with the center of the bedroom before removing moisture from the perimeter. Techs may temporarily move furniture depending on the extent and location of moisture
  • Technicians use truck-mounted extractors for saturated carpets to prevent further migration of water before switching to weighted extraction tools like rover vacuums
  • Techs can extract water from approximately 300 square feet in an hour on average
  • In-place drying of carpet and pad typically requires an air mover positioned every 50 to 60 square feet to coordinate with dehumidification units.

While this process allows SERVPRO to clean without moving carpet or pad, it is not always applicable to home water damage situations, and drying can take more time overall.

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville can aid homeowners with “Like it never even happened,” quality mitigation when they call (312) 509-5000.

Water Mitigation Happens Fast in Chicago Properties with SERVPRO at the Helm

1/3/2022 (Permalink)

water spewing from small hole in pipe Doe you know what equipment to use to dry water damage? SERVPRO does!

Need Water Mitigation Services for Your Chicago Property? Call SERVPRO

Water mitigation of your Chicago home refers to the actions taken by professional restorers like SERVPRO to reduce the loss of property after an incident. The mitigation process involves cleaning, drying, disinfecting, deodorizing, and restoring the property to the preloss condition.  

SERVPRO understands that every water mitigation situation in Chicago homes is unique, requiring an individualized approach. Our technicians determine the cause, extent, and severity of the water damage before applying a restorative strategy that gives the best and quickest results for a given situation. Drying the property is one of the most fundamental steps in the restorative process, and SERVPRO uses several pieces of equipment to speed it up.    

What are desiccant dehumidifiers that SERVPRO techs use during water cleanup in Chicago properties?  

Dehumidifiers are pieces of equipment that water restoration techs use to remove excess water vapor from the air, lowering the humidity ratio and speeding up the drying process. Desiccant dehumidifiers use special chemicals such as silica gel (called desiccants) that absorb moisture from the air. 

The optimum operating conditions for a desiccant dehumidifier are when the temperatures range between -10° to 140°F. We use both smaller, portable units and large truck-mounted units depending on the area to be dried. 

What is the advantage of using a desiccant dehumidifier over a refrigerant dehumidifier? 

SERVPRO techs use desiccant dehumidifiers to perform effectively in colder and drier conditions in Chicago, where refrigerant dehumidifiers don't. For instance, if the ambient temperature reaches under 600F, only a desiccant dehumidifier can remove moisture. 

If you need assistance with water restoration, call SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000. 

How Can I Prevent Water Damage from Ice Dams on my Roof in Chicago?

12/20/2021 (Permalink)

ice forming in rain gutter and roof Cold weather can cause frozen pipes and ice dams. Call SERVPRO at the first sign of water damage.

SERVPRO Can Help you Prevent and Repair Water Damage Caused by Ice Dams Forming on Roofs in Chicago

Snowstorms become a very likely reality when it gets cold outside in the mid to late fall season. A storm could dish out six or more inches of snow in a day, covering your entire roof. And then the next day, the temperatures could warm up, causing the snow to start melting. However, if different parts of your roof are not at the same temperature, an ice dam could form.

Frozen pipes and ice damming in Chicago cause thousands of dollars in property damage each year. One way you can tell if an ice dam has started to form on your roof is if there are a lot of icicles on one section of it. If you notice you have an ice dam, shoveling the snow off the roof and trying to break up the ice is wise. You could also spray water from a hose on a warm day.

But, if the ice dam stayed too long, moisture could have leaked into your attic or other areas of your home. If water from the outside did get into your dwelling, our SERVPRO technicians could help you with the following services:

  • Emergency Services after a Snowstorm
  • Black Mold Inspections
  • Attic Mold Remediation
  • Water Extraction Services
  • Applied Structural Drying (ASD)
  • Repair Leaking Roofs Caused by a Storm

In some cases, ice dams can form due to heat from your house leaking into the attic. If you notice ice dams forming frequently, it is a good idea to add more insulation to your attic to prevent heat loss. Another way to prevent ice damming is to install a waterproof underneath your roof shingles that extend past the edge of your roof.

If you go into your attic after a snowstorm and notice moisture has leaked in from your roof, call SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000.

Water Removal In Your Chicago Home

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

Water spots on a wall SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville is ready to have your back with water damage.

Water Removal Equipment Salvages any Damp Materials, Keeping the Renovation of Your Chicago Home on Schedule

Many of the materials used to renovate a Chicago home arrive from various distances. Some items need to adjust to the Windy City’s climate, especially the amount of moisture these materials contain. Accidents and mishaps do happen, and when these involve water from a broken water line or a slipped tarp that lets in the rain, getting these dry again can save your investment while reducing changes to the schedule.

This is only one reason why homeowners in Chicago might need water removal services at their residences. There are many other situations where the interior of a residence might become damp, wet, or even flooded. SERVPRO is always ready to assist property owners in the area with all of these. No job is ever too large, overly complicated, or too small.

Water Damage Restoration

We arrive in our Green Fleet, which we keep stocked with the disposable items needed during most jobs and the equipment and machines used during water removal and drying tasks. We also carry the diagnostic tools that help us locate migrated water, slightly damp materials, hidden water, and leaks, as well as determine the moisture contained in affected materials. We compare initial baselines to readings taken later, during the water removal and drying process, so we know the effectiveness of our machines.

Different variables can change the rate at which materials dry. The material itself can make drying out slower, as can cooler temperatures and a lack of air currents. Damp air can also make water removal take longer. We change these conditions to gain optimal drying rates.

Additional equipment, including our pump trucks, help us extract any standing water that might exist in your house. A smaller amount of water also needs to be removed. This can happen quickly with portable units that we attach to the pump truck or to another container to receive the water.

When we locate water trapped inside walls or other enclosed locations, we remove this with small drain holes made in inconspicuous or hidden locations. Forcing these locations full of warm, dry air, with another opening to allow for venting, gets these locations dry.

When materials need to have excess moisture or water removed, we can build an enclosure called a drying chamber around them. We use the same equipment in a similar manner with these chambers. We also monitor the materials to ensure they do not become overly dry, as this can also cause problems.

Call SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000, and we can help your home recover from any accident that left things wet. Water removal takes much less time than air-drying alone and provides much better results. Results like this can make all the difference in the end result of your renovation or other projects.

Can Water Damage in Chicago Ruin Carpeting?

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

a person pulling up water damaged carpeting Regardless of which direction the excess water is coming from, team SERVPRO can help. Call right after an event for best results.

SERVPRO Offers Equipment and Techniques to Salvage Carpets after Water Damage Has Occurred

Water damage from a broken pipe or flood can take a toll on the house, especially if it occurs when nobody is around. An especially vulnerable item during this time is the carpet. Textiles used for carpeting can hold water and moisture and subsequently turn into breeding grounds for fungi, bacteria, colonies, and other disease-inducing microbes. These microorganisms can cause progressive damage to expensive carpets and furniture.

If your Chicago home has sustained water damage from a leaking pipe, it is crucial to commence the water removal process as soon as possible. SERVPRO has IICRC-certified technicians who can respond quickly to try to save your carpet. The water removal procedure is extremely technical and laborious, so the faster we start, the quicker the damage can be mitigated.

Drying the Water Damaged Carpet in Chicago

Our technicians use air movers to increase evaporation and minimize the drying time to counter the water damage. Air movers create airflow at the surface, which pushes moisture into the air in the form of water vapor and replaces the wet air with drier air. In some cases, we may use a carpet clamp to help lift the carpet and allow air to flow underneath (floating the carpet.) Thanks to their high-velocity airflow, air movers can speed up the drying process tremendously. SERVPRO technicians are trained to control the force and direction of airflow, as air movers are strong enough to blow curtains, wall hangings, and other house items off the wall. Our priority is to evaluate the extent of the water damage, and then determine which type of air mover to use.

Once we have removed all the surface water, we can then install professional drying fan equipment to remove the remaining dampness. This step is very important to prevent mold growth. When the area is completely dry, we can initiate the professional carpet cleaning and shampooing.

We understand that cleaning water-soaked carpets is tough in a water damage situation. The restoration is a race against time. When tragedy strikes, you can count on SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville to respond quickly and initiate the water removal process. Call us at (312) 509-5000.

Water Damage Professionals for Downtown Chicago Residents

8/4/2021 (Permalink)

dehu green working, framed room SERVPRO removes water and dries out Downtown Chicago properties with advanced equipment like this LGR low-grain refrigerant dehumidifier

SERVPRO Is Certified to Help with Any Water Damage Restoration in Chicago

Water damage in Downtown Chicago has a helping hand with locally owned and operated SERVPRO. In addition to flooding, we can address any damage inflicted by water. If your water heater leaked, if there is a sewage backup problem, if your appliances fail, or your HVAC system malfunctions, we are here to help you re-establish your property to a preloss condition.

We are a company with fully trained and IICRC certified technicians. We can handle your water damage restoration needs in Downtown Chicago quickly and professionally. If standing water is not removed immediately, mold spores can begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours. Please don't be concerned about mold infestation on your property; we can provide complete mold detection and remediation services.

Water Removal Tools

Our water damage restoration process is designed to get you quickly back into your home or business with minimal downtime. We begin with a comprehensive inspection and damage assessment to have a solid plan on how to proceed. Following this, our water extraction process starts with the removal of most of the water. Our powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units are used to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property.

Cleaning Your Water Damaged Property

We use industrial-grade dehumidifiers and high-speed air movers to dry out your home or office for the drying and dehumidification process. We don't stop there; our next step to help restore you to normal is our cleaning and repair process. Your property structure, like the ceiling, flooring, and walls, require professional cleaning, as well as your furnishings and other restorable belongings. Cleaning also involves our professional odor removal and deodorization process.

Water Damage Restoration

Our restoration process is our final step. Depending on the extent of water damage, we have many different plans to help you. We perform minor and major repairs; we can board up, provide temporary fencing, offer temporary warehouse space, and help with our move-out/pack-out system.

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville is a 24-hour emergency company. We are available whenever you need help with residential or commercial water damage problems. When you call us, you don't get a recording. You will speak to compassionate and caring specialists. Call us at (312) 509-5000 so that we can bring your property to full functionality.

Downtown Chicago Water Damage Tips

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

leaves clogging a gutter Sagging or leaf filled gutters can bring water into your home. Preventative maintenance can help. Contact team SERVPRO if affected by water damage.

Signs That You Need New Gutters to Prevent Water Damage in Downtown Chicago

One of the most frequent mistakes made by homeowners is to take the work of their rain gutters for granted. Downtown Chicago water damage can be an unfortunate result. Sure, they are not very exciting. They are hardly going to inspire awe or inspiration. But, the truth is that they are essential to the smooth running of a house.

Without efficient and effective guttering, rainwater cannot be carried safely away from the building. And if groundwater is allowed to accumulate, it may make its way downwards, right through to the foundations of your home.

To protect your property from water damage, you need to keep gutters clean and functioning smoothly. If you have not inspected your guttering in recent years, it is time to do so now.

Here are the five signs that will tell you it is time to replace your gutters.

Sagging and Bowing

If your gutters sag or pull away from the building, they need a careful inspection. This condition is one of the most evident indications that you need replacement gutters, so do not ignore the warning signs. It may be that the gutters are sagging because they are filled with stagnant water and have stopped draining correctly. In the winter months, ice damming can occur if the drainage is clogged.

Cracks and Fractures

It is a mistake to believe that minor fractures do not require attention. They may inevitably turn into more significant problems, so why not fix them while they only need minor repairs? If you catch cracks in gutters early, you might be able to fix them with something as simple as gutter repair tape or caulk. If they get too extensive, however, replacement gutters are the only option.

Rust Spots and Patches

If you can, climb a ladder to get a good look at the state of your gutters. If you see any red rusting spots, you know that an overhaul is needed because these areas may eventually wear through and create holes. It may be worth considering a rust-resistant material like aluminum in the future.

Interior Water Damage

Nobody wants to be dealing with flooding in their basement or downstairs utility room. At the very least, however, you can be sure of the solution. The most frequent cause of subterranean flooding is dysfunctional drainage systems. If the gutters do not function properly, or the downspouts are clogged, the water may seep into the ground by the foundation if the gradient does not allow gravity to transport the water away.

External Water Damage

Signs of non-working gutters should be addressed immediately to prevent Downtown Chicago water damage. To identify drainage problems, take a walk around the building and keep an eye out for evidence of moisture. For example, slimy patches on exterior walls, mold patches, water stains, and peeling paint may indicate a water problem. If a problem occurs, or you would like a complimentary inspection of your property for fire, mold, or water damage, call SERVPRO to help you out. Our experienced IICRC trained technicians can return your home to its preloss condition "Like it never even happened."

We're Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

As water damage specialists, SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville has the experience, expertise, and advanced training that enables us to get your property dried quickly and thoroughly. We respond promptly to all fire, mold, and water damage emergencies in Downtown Chicago, Chicago, and Hyde Park. Call us 24/7 for help. (312) 509-5000

Water Damage Restoration in Chicago.

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dishwasher leaking water Water damage restoration by SERVPRO is second to none. Call now for the professional help needed for your home.

Chicago Homeowners Trust SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration 

Chicago is the third-largest city in the US, with a population exceeding 2.7 million. Incorporated as a US city in 1837, it is one of the oldest cities in the country. Although the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 destroyed about one-third of the city, modern-day Chicago stands as majestic as ever.

The Undying Spirit of the Second City

The city of Chicago is blessed with a rich and colorful history. The city undertook a massive project in 1900 of reversing the direction of the Chicago River so that it would release into the Mississippi River and not Lake Michigan. It was done in response to the extreme weather event of 1885 that threatened the city's water supply. Still considered as one of the most ambitious civil engineering projects ever undertaken in modern America. The American Society of Civil Engineers named the river system a 'Civil Engineering Monument of the Millennium' in 1999. Each year, the Local Plumber's Union dyes the river green on the occasion of St. Patrick's Day, a beloved tradition of the city for over 50 years.

Lots to do and see 

The Windy City, as it is lovingly called, offers many attractions and tourist spots that can keep you busy for weeks. Some of the most famous attractions of the city include:

  • Art Institute of Chicago is the city's grandest museum. The two bronze lion sculptures at the entrance as iconic as the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower
  • Lincoln Park Zoo is located in the heart of the city and offers year-long, family-friendly free events.
  • The Chicago Lakefront Trail is an 18-mile-long trail that circles lake Michigan and offers many activities along the shore.
  • The Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise, run by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, is a glimpse into the city's majestic architecture.
  • With its pagoda-style architecture and bamboo gardens, Ping Tom Memorial Park is a hidden gem that you can't miss.

SERVPRO Provides Full-service Water Damage Remediation Service to Chicago Residents 

Water damage to your Chicago home due to bust pipes, ceiling leaks, or any other reason can overwhelm any homeowner. In such an unfortunate situation, you need a team of experts that can perform water damage repairs and restoration efficiently and quickly.

SERVPRO water damage restoration (WRT) experts have years of experience mitigating all kinds of water damage, including ceiling repairs from water damages, basement flooding cleanup, and even flood restoration. Some of the steps our technicians can take in water damage remediation include the following:

  • Water removal using various kinds of pumps specifically designed for apartment complexes to skyscrapers
  • We understand the importance of the prevention of secondary damage due to residual moisture. We use moisture probes and thermal scanners to assess the level of impairment for efficient water damage restoration.
  • Whether it is basement flooding cleanup, flood restoration, or clean up after a sewer backup, our experienced technicians can handle anything and everything with ease

Call SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000 for reliable and efficient water damage restoration services for your Chicago property.

Restoring Water Damaged Ceilings in Chicago Homes

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Bathroom with water damage in ceiling You can trust that SERVPRO technicians will handle your water damage crisis effectively and efficiently. Call us today.

SERVPRO provides water mitigation to restore water damaged residences

Burst pipes, roof leaks, or overflowing sinks can cause water to travel to lower levels. This causes water damage to the ceiling below. Small amounts of moisture can cause discoloration and minor warping, but large amounts of water can cause complete deterioration. 

Immediate Water Mitigation Required

When left sitting, even minor moisture levels can cause mold to grow. This can happen fast, often in as little as 24 hours. You need professional water mitigation in your Chicago home to avoid secondary damage such as mold. Once we arrive at your home, we:

  • Take a moisture reading to determine the amount of moisture and damage
  • Tarp the roof, if the water is coming from there until it can get repaired
  • Remove all wet materials 
  • Use commercial equipment to dry materials
  • Restore your home to preloss condition
  • Check for hidden moisture with meters and probes

If you have ceiling tiles, it is often more cost-effective to replace them instead of restoring them. An eroding ceiling can be a safety issue, as well as unsightly. For professional water mitigation, contact SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000.

DIY Methods Never Ensure Total Drying After a Water Emergency Within Your Chicago Property

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Chicago city limits sign If your property has water damage, do you know what to do? Call the certified technicians of SERVPRO for fast and immediate service.

Water Restoration Companies Like SERVPRO Speed the Extraction and Drying Steps to Restore Your Chicago Home to Pre-Loss Condition

The city of Chicago has over 2.7 million residents, making it the third-most populous city within the United States. Additionally, it is the most populous city within the state of Illinois and the entire Midwest, resting on 234 square miles of land. Chicago is the county seat within Cook County, and the metropolitan area is often referred to by the name Chicagoland. Other notable nicknames include the Second City, the City That Works, the White City, the City of Big Shoulders, and The Windy City.

Taking a look at geography, Chicago is situated in northern Illinois at the southwestern end of Lake Michigan. It is also located on the Chicago Portage site and along the continental divide at the Saint Lawrence Seaway. The Portage has been a well-known trade route that helps connect the Great Lakes watersheds and the Mississippi River.

Not Only is Chicago a Sports Hub, but it is Also Rich with History

1837 is when Chicago, IL, was incorporated as a city; it increased from there throughout the mid-nineteenth century. Many streets throughout the city were raised by five to eight feet within the 1850s to help with installing the sewer system. Because many of the buildings, sidewalks, and streets here were made with wood, many of them burned entirely during the Great Chicago Fire of 1971. 

After the fire, Chicago rebuilt fast, and much of the leftover debris was disposed of in Lake Michigan as landfill material. In 1893, Chicago celebrated a remarkable comeback with the World's Columbian Exposition. One of the buildings of the exposition then became the Museum of Science and Industry. 

Over time, Chicago enjoyed several historical firsts, including the construction of the first skyscraper in the nation. This was the steel-framed, 10-story Home Insurance building that was built in 1884 at Adams and LaSalle Streets. It was later demolished in 1931. Chicago is also the start of the famous "Route 66" – beginning on Adams Street at Grant Park right in front of the building known as the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Along with those mentioned above first, Chicago is also the birthplace of:

  • Montgomery Ward and Sears, popular mail-order retailers
  • Swift, a refrigerated rail car
  • Motorola, car radio
  • Zenith, the television remote control
  • Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower, is a 1,451-foot construction that remained to be the tallest building around the globe until 1998
  • The start of the Atomic Age with the first nuclear chain reaction that was self-sustaining, taking place in 1942 at the University of Chicago

Enjoying all of the Sights, Sounds, Tastes, and Entertainment Chicago, IL, Has to Offer

The city of Chicago is like no other and well-known for inspiring comebacks and resilient spirit. There are incredible places to see and things to do, including 77 neighborhoods, over 60 museums, and thousands of highly-acclaimed restaurants, breweries, and bars. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will find it in Chicago!

Some of the top attractions to experience when in the city of Chicago include:

  • Chicago Architecture River Cruise: This is your chance to experience breathtaking views of many of the famous buildings in Chicago while gaining inside information from an expert guide. You will take in views of the Sears Tower, the Wrigley Building, the Old Post Office, and the skyline along the Chicago River.
  • Gangsters and Ghost Tour in Chicago: One of the most popular attractions within the city, this tour combines supernatural tales and a unique history lesson, suitable for both kids and adults. This immerses you in Chicago's history during the Roaring 20s, including the days of bootleggers, speakeasies, and notorious gangsters like Chicago's own, Al Capone.
  • 360 Chicago Observation Deck at the Hancock Center: Here at the Hancock Center, you will find the 360 Chicago Observation Deck. This attraction puts you high above the world of the Windy City below, giving you stunning views 96 stories high. Travel up the lightning-fast elevator where you will ascend upon a deck to check out the lakefront shoreline, various landmarks, or have the opportunity to buy a ticket for TILT. This is a thrill ride at the top, where you see downward-facing views 1,030 feet below.

As mentioned, Chicago is a hotbed for some of the most world-renowned restaurants, bars, and cafes within the United States. Top options that you do not want to miss when in the area include:

  • Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken
  • Smoque BBQ
  • Oriole
  • Girl & The Goat
  • Baka Restaurant
  • STK
  • Benny's Chop House
  • Eleven City Diner
  • The Chicago Diner
  • Bongiorno's Italian Deli and Pizzeria

A Water Emergency in Chicago Calls for Top-Not Water Restoration Companies to Handle the Cleanup

When You Are Looking for Dependable Water Restoration Companies, SERVPRO has the Equipment and Manpower to Handle the Project in Your Chicago Home

Handling water damage may be a challenge for a property owner, regardless of your experience or the cleaning tools that you have. SERVPRO not only removes surface water, but we use proven methods for moisture detection to ensure no hotspots get left behind. When you need water restoration companies that understand the process, our team is number one for extraction, drying, controlled demolition, and sanitizing – all of this leaves your Chicago interior Certified: SERVPRO Clean.

Water restoration companies in Chicago must be available when you need them; otherwise, you could run into secondary damage that leads to immense costs. When you select SERVPRO for the job, you will enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

  • Rapid response
  • IICRC-certified technicians
  • Industrial-grade equipment and tools
  • Skilled water restoration technicians (WRT) to handle jobs of all sizes
  • Assistance with the execution of your insurance claim paperwork, and more

Water mitigation and rapid extraction get your home back to normal faster. We formulate and execute a plan of action using our proprietary process so that you get the results you need without any hassle. From start to end, you will have a crew chief available to detail each step so that you are fully informed.

Call on us at SERVPRO of Hyde Park/E. Bridgeport/Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000 when you are looking for trusted water restoration companies to handle your project. Once we receive your call, we send out a crew to get to work within a couple of hours to make your interior, "Like it never even happened."

Have Fun Riding Bikes With Others in Chicago

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Man sitting on couch in flooded living room It will be exciting to see the community at the neighborhood biking event.

Chicago Residents and Tourists Can Enjoy a Mass Bike Tour

You do not have to wait for the holidays to have fun with your family and friends. Whether you reside in Chicago or are visiting the city for a few days, you can enjoy the Southside Critical mass ride, which is held on the 1st Friday of every month, apart from the winter months. The event will be on November 6 at 5:45 pm. You can join the bike ride from Nichols Park 1300 E. 55th Street, Chicago. The things to bring include:



Bike lock



Bike lights

You do not have to pay anything to enjoy the ride, and it lasts up to about 6:15 pm. When participating in the mass ride, note that you are responsible for your safety, the condition of your bike, and your own fitness to ride. The goal of this monthly ride is to ensure that the neighborhoods are more livable and bike-able.

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville affectionately welcomes you to the Southside Critical mass ride. If you need water removal for your Chicago home after a water intrusion incident, call us at (312) 509-5000 for effective restoration.

Can Professional Cleaning Reduce Water Losses in a Home?

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water pooling on living room floor; furniture in background We are always on call to tackle the water damage in your home.

SERVPRO is a Water Damage Specialist that Can Help to Return your Property to a Pre-incident Condition.

Why do homeowners use professional services after water intrusion?

Water intrusion into your Chicago residence can cause extensive and lasting damage. While small amounts of water may be possible to clean using regular cleaners and methods, some areas could become moldy or permanently stained by a water-loss incident. Professional services can help to safeguard your content by using advanced cleaning equipment in combination with industry knowledge. Our training allows us to circumnavigate potential problems with unique textiles, materials, furnishings, and water exposure. By using a professional service, you can guard your home against secondary harms and get your contents back "Like it never even happened."

What Are truck-mounts, and how do they help with water restoration?

When a home suffers extensive water damage in Chicago, a truck-mount can help provide technicians with options for the restoration process. A truck-mount is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the restoration industry. SERVPRO uses truck-mounts for various tasks, including microbial growth control, water extraction, deodorization, and pressure washing. Central to the functionality of a truck-mount is the engine. A self-generating piece of equipment is valuable for water restoration because there may be a safety requirement to temporarily shut-off mainline electrics in the home. We can attach hoses of up to twenty-five feet to an extractor, which allows us to use these for most ground floors and some upper levels of your home. Truck-mounts also make sure that tasks can be completed with maximum efficiency and reduce interruption to a homeowner.

What makes truck-mounts so crucial for water restoration?

  • A vacuum component that can extract water, soils, as well as chemical cleaning solutions and solvents
  • Pumping systems that can disperse cleaning chemicals into an extraction wand using a meter to assure correct dilution
  • Water pumping modes which can help to clean the exterior walls of a property or pressure wash areas
  • A heating component that can be incredibly valuable for returning textiles to a preloss condition

Can water extraction clean materials?

Sometimes a water intrusion event can introduce contamination or soils to the home environment. A typical example could be a sewer backup that migrates water from the bathroom into hallways, an intrusion event that degrades over time, or heavy foot-traffic over a wet area, which can apply compressed mud and dirt to a fabric. Hot water extraction can help to restore a material with light to moderate soiling. This process involves spraying the affected area with a cleaning solution using the truck-mounted pumping system, then extracting both the soils and the solution using the vacuum component. By including these methods within one system, our technicians can increase their work efficiency, reducing time-consuming trips for equipment when focusing on a specific area of your home. Hot water extraction can help to save carpets or other textiles that may otherwise need replacing.

How are surfaces prepared for hot water extraction?

Using a pilating rake both before and during the cleaning process to consistently agitate the affected surface and dislodge soils

  • Vacuuming the area to move any disconnected soils from the pilating process
  • Pre-spotting areas of heavier staining using an
  • UltraLite sprayer or a pumping system
  • Scrub the carpets 6" from the baseboard using a coarse brush to loosen soils further.

When does water intrusion ruin textiles?

With light to moderate soiling, carpets are generally restorable to a good condition, providing that you use qualified technicians with the appropriate equipment. In circumstanes where there is a high water contamination presence, such as raw sewage, it is vital to replace the carpet, carpet pad and disinfect the subfloor to return the home to a sanitary state. Long-term water exposure can also lead to ruined carpets, which is why SERVPRO recommends that you contact us as quickly as possible after an intrusion event. Microbial organisms can increase rapidly, causing permanent harm to certain textiles and fabrics. Safeguard against secondary damages in your home by using a local water restoration service in Chicago

How are floors returned to a preloss condition after water intrusion?

  • Pilate the carpet in one direction to restore the dry fibers and allow air-flow on the surface
  • Apply any topical treatments such as an emulsifying powder, wood creme, or deluxe conditioner
  • Use traffic paper in areas where high foot traffic is likely to prevent floors from sustaining further soiling.
  • Industrial cleaning equipment can help speed up restoration, reduce losses, and secure your home after water intrusion. Contact SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000.

What Are the Common Water Restoration Obstacles for Chicago Apartments?

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Water on floor Contact SERVPRO today for assistance with water restoration.

Apartments present unique challenges for professional water restoration companies like our SERVPRO team. 

With so many apartments throughout Chicago, having an effective strategy for water restoration in these residences is something that our SERVPRO team needs. While many of the restoration and recovery equipment and tools are the same between smaller units and large commercial structures like warehouses and hospitals, there are enough differences where thorough evaluations of the damaged areas by our project manager are necessary. These assessments ensure the right tools and products make it to the damaged sites. 

Water damage in your Chicago apartment is challenging, especially when the conditions are severe enough to require relocation. Because you are responsible for securing the restoration professionals necessary to recover this damage, you can depend on our technicians' fast response when you call. This situation differs from commercial damage or house flooding, and so we must prepare for variances in: 

  • Total Area Affected 
  • Sensitive Materials 
  • Water Migration 
  • Microbial Threats 

How Widespread Are Water Disasters? 

Perhaps one of the most significant variances to apartment water losses versus larger residences or commercial properties is the total area affected. A single loss incident could spread throughout the entire open floor plan of an apartment without much resistance, providing a much larger restoration area for our professionals responding to the emergency. Also, with many of the apartment buildings throughout the city several stories high, damages to upper floor units require unique extraction and drying solutions suitable for high-rise structures. For example, high-pressure pumps can help remove standing water over considerable distances when proper drainage is not possible in the unit. 

What Materials Experience the Most Direct Damages? 

While this is not the case for all apartment buildings in the city, not all of these structures were constructed with the highest quality materials. In many cases, these complexes get built with fixtures and materials that are quickly interchangeable when apartment units exchange hands and renovations and reconstruction is necessary to put the property back on the market for sale. Several specific materials and fixtures are often the hardest hit by standing water or oversaturation, based mostly on the length of exposure or these structural elements' porosity:

  • Engineered Wood – Many of the kitchen areas have been built with engineered wood flooring, which provides an improved aesthetic over linoleum, but a higher porosity and absorption rate. 
  • Wood Trim – The trim and baseboards are often the first materials in a wall system to directly contact standing water over prolonged periods. Usually, the exposure of these elements requires these trim sections to get removed entirely and later replaced. 
  • Drywall – Sheetrock and gypsum wallboard is highly porous and quickly absorbs moisture and standing water. This material's composition allows for wicking up the wall surface, affecting a much larger area than the actual depth of standing water concerns. 
  • Glue-Down Carpet – In spaces like bedrooms and the living room area, glue-down carpet is a low-cost flooring option. When this becomes wet, it is possible to remove moisture with carpet wands and air movers unless deterioration or mold growth has begun. 
  • Cabinetry – Kitchen fixture damage can lead to water disasters, and this can also directly impact elements like countertops and cabinets. Evaluating these fixtures can show when replacement is more advisable over restoration and drying. 

Can Water Damage Impact Other Units? 

Water movement to adjacent units can be more of a challenge than you might initially believe, especially in structures with limited materials in structural cavities. Pathways from your damaged apartment to new areas that might also require restoration and recovery include:

  • Wall Systems
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling

Is Mold Likely for Chicago Apartments? 

Mold is a hazardous situation that can develop after water damages exist. Even with efficient water removal and drying solutions, microbial threats can develop in as little as 48 hours. Evaluating the likelihood of these microbial threats for exposed materials during restoration can protect surfaces from facilitating this organism with mold inhibitors or show where remediation practices are necessary to restore the property. In many cases, the presence of fungal colonies can coincide with materials that required controlled demolition already, which can provide an efficient start to remediation of the apartment needs. 

Owning an apartment in the city is a common situation for thousands of residents, but these units can become more damaged when water disasters occur than single-family houses might. Whatever your residence needs in an emergency, you can count on our SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville team to help. Give us a call today at (312) 509-5000.

There Was a Leak in My Chicago Kitchen, How Do I Make Sure That My Cabinets Do Not Sustain Damage?

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water on the floor near a kitchen sink and fridge Water damage to a home is not fun for any family to deal with. Call SERVPRO to get water damage remediation professionals out to you quickly.

SERVPRO Uses Specialized Techniques to Mitigate Damage in Chicago

A water leak is never a positive thing for your Chicago home. Still, when you suspect damage to your expensive kitchen cabinets, it is essential to seek assistance right away to mitigate further damage. Hidden pockets of moisture left unattended can cause extensive secondary damage. Our SERVPRO restoration specialists employ superior drying methods to retain the structural integrity of your cabinets.

How Do I Know if There is Moisture in My Cabinetry?

When dealing with a water restoration in your Chicago kitchen, it is crucial first to determine the presence of excess moisture. Our technicians use moisture detection equipment with probes to measure the presence and amount of water found hiding in your cabinets. These probes are often necessary because the finish on kitchen cabinets may act as a vapor barrier that does not always allow accurate moisture readings.

What Are Somethings SERVPRO Does to Effectively Dry My Cabinets Without Damaging Them?

  • If cabinets do not have a back, technicians may drill a hole behind the cabinet to aid in air circulation.
  • If the cabinet has a back, technicians may drill smaller holes to add with circulation, after obtaining your agreement.
  • Typically, technicians remove base molding underneath the cabinet, allowing access to the toe kick cavity.
  • Technicians create airflow in the toe kick area by drilling small holes.

In addition to using specialized drying techniques, SERVPRO technicians use biocide to kill microorganisms and limit mold growth. This helps mitigate long term damage. Technicians repair any drilled holes with a comparable material to make it look "Like it never even happened."

For 24/7 assistance, contact SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000.

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Why Do Restoration Professionals Use Scientifically-Based Drying Methodologies to Respond to a Water Loss in Chicago?

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Leakage of water Our highly-qualified employees and specialized equipment deliver premier, research-based results for our residential customers.

Expect Great Results When SERVPRO's Skilled Crews and State-of-the-Art Equipment Arrive at Your Water Damaged Chicago Residence

The urgency of a water emergency tends to inspire Chicago homeowners to want fast and effective action. In dedication to respecting and meeting their customer's understandable desires, professional water loss companies invest in up-to-date training for their managers and technicians and cutting edge equipment geared to a rapid response. Underlying these preparations is the continual research and standards development underwritten by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

What Is Psychrometry?

You might not recognize the term, but you need your Chicago water damage company to be well-versed in psychrometry. Psychrometry is the science of drying, balancing air movement, humidity, and temperature, and their effect on building materials and furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions. When your home suffers water damage, it is inadequate to pump and extract the bulk of the water, although aggressive completion of that first phase is critical to eventual structural drying. Applying the elements of psychrometry systematically and consistently is the foundation of a successful outcome.

What Is Needed for Drying to Occur?

Self-help and DIY resources might suggest opening doors and windows and placing fans in the space where water damage occurred. Then the homeowner simply waits until the structure dries out. This approach offers the bare basics of an open drying system, which attempts to exchange the moist air inside your water-damaged home with the air outside. Unfortunately, SERVPRO finds this low-tech and minimal maintenance system is often not the answer.

When Does an Open System Work?

Although it seems straightforward and seems to need little to no professional help, this strategy is not the answer for most locales. An open drying system is effective under only certain circumstances, rarely available on a consistent basis in our Midwestern region. The requirements for a workable open drying system mandate that the outside air tests at least 20 grains per pound (gpp) lower in moisture than the indoor air. In layperson's terms, this means:

The outdoor air needs to offer both the following in comparison to the air in the water-damaged indoor spaces:

    •    A higher temperature
    •    Lower relative humidity

Late fall, entire winter, and early spring months typically are not reliably warm enough to offer these conditions. Precipitation and high outdoor humidity also limit the use of a closed drying system.

The disadvantages of an open system also include:

    •    Security risks due to open doors and windows
    •    Excessive heating or cooling system expenses
    •    Weather extremes and changes that disrupt the balance
    •    Increased monitoring needed  which negates the any cost savings

How Does a Closed Drying System Compare with an Open System?

Choosing a closed drying system requires containing the wet spaces both from the outside air and unaffected areas inside your home. We achieve containment with windows and doors, if available. Otherwise, 1.6 mil polyethylene hung and sealed can create smaller drying chambers. Professional drying specialists then manipulate temperature and air movement within these partitioned spaces. Keeping the relative humidity at or below 40 percent allows us to increase the rate of evaporation from the structural components into the atmosphere inside the contained area. The control our technicians can exert increases the speed of evaporation, which can then be captured by dehumidifiers.

What Is Considered When Calculating Setup of Dehumidifiers?

In general, we look at three elements -- the nature of the wet environment, the class of water damage, and the capacity of the dehumidifier.

What Is Meant by the Nature of the Environment?

We quantify the porous or absorbent materials in the water damaged area. Highly porous contents and structural components include:

    •    Carpets and pads
    •    Clothing
    •    Upholstered furniture
    •    Unfinished wood
    •    Paper products
    •    Drywall
    •    Insulation

How Do We Determine Water Damage Class?

    •    Class 1 has the least amount of absorbed moisture, with solid and non-porous materials prevailing.
    •    Class 2 has moderate amounts of adsorbed moisture, with wet carpets, pads, rugs, and water wicked less than 24 inches up drywall.
    •    Class 3 has high amounts of absorbed moisture, water often entering from above as well as below. Wet areas predominate.
    •    Class 4 is a specialty drying category -- wood, concrete, ground, or soil.

What Delineates Dehumidifier Capacity?

We review the manufacturer's specifications. Capacity is measured by either:

    •    The number of cubic feet of air the dehumidifier conditions per minute (CFM)
    •    The number of gallons of water removed in 24 hours under the standard AHAM test conditions

Our trained Applied Structural Drying (ASD) technicians plug values into the appropriate formula to determine refrigerant dehumidifier needs.

How does SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville stand apart from other water damage contractors? Our highly-qualified employees and specialized equipment deliver premier, research-based results for our residential customers. Call (312) 509-5000 round the clock for expert assistance.

I Have Water Damage Due To An Open Window In My Chicago Home, Can SERVPRO Help?

4/28/2020 (Permalink)

An open window in a home with condensation on the window. SERVPRO is always ready for your Chicago water damage, no matter the circumstances.

SERVPRO can help with your Chicago water damage from a window that was left open.

We have all done this some time in our lives. It's cloudy when we leave the house, and the weatherman said there was only a 10% chance of rain, so no need to close the windows. And yet, that 10% number changed to 100% in your area, and the wind blew the rain horizontally right into your open window, saturating your home with water. The furniture near the window and the hardwood floors are soaked.

SERVPRO provides water removal services in Chicago and the surrounding area. We are certified in many areas by the IICRC. Certification includes Structural drying, Microbial Remediation, Floor Care, Upholstery / Fabric Cleaning, Water Damage Restoration, and many more areas. Our teams are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We can meet you at your home, usually in less than four hours, for all emergencies.

Removing Water from Furniture and Floors

If the water is not removed quickly, permanent damage to your floors and furniture can occur. The frame of the furniture may swell and crack, causing the frame to lose structural strength. Colors in the fabric may run, staining the fabric. Colors may bleed from pillows and throw rugs onto the floor, and mildew can also begin to grow, leading to mold infestations.

Homeowners should use mops to remove all excess water from hardwood floors. SERVPRO uses drying mats to remove all of the water between the boards and away from the subfloor. Water left to dry naturally may be absorbed by the hardwood or the subfloor, causing cupping, crowning, and even cracking of the hardwood.

Once we remove all excess water, SERVPRO deploys air movers to blow dry air into the area to absorb moisture. We also use dehumidifiers to reduce humidity levels to normal ranges. Fast response by SERVPRO can save your flooring and reduce the cost and disruption to your home significantly.

Call SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve the South Shore, Washington Park, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Is your Bathroom in Need of Water Removal Services in Chicago?

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

water overflowing in bathroom sink Whether your sink, bathtub or toilet overflows as a result of a child's prank, call SERVPRO for efficient remediation efforts.

Team SERVPRO Tackles Your Water Damage in Chicago

Children are known to get up to some mayhem, but it is never a good thing when that mischief puts your home in need of urgent water cleanup services. When your child's curiosity leads them to stuff the drain of your bathroom sink, the resulting mess can be overwhelming. While you were doing some house chores, they left the tap running and flooded your bathroom. By the time you find the mess, it is entirely possible that it is too much water to clean up on your own. Additionally, you may rightfully worry about the dangers of the water soaking into the floor and walls.
However, you can take comfort knowing that there are professionals close to your home that can provide water cleanup services in Chicago to you. As soon as you find the water in your house, it is essential to get on the phone and call for help. It is for the better that the water is addressed quickly. Leaving it for too long can result in further damages to your home, such as mold damage in the walls or cracks in your tile from the structure underneath becoming damaged.
SERVPRO always strives to travel to your home as swiftly as possible. We understand the importance that time takes in remediation and thus always try to beat it. Once we arrive at your home, SERVPRO can immediately begin to use advanced technology to clean up the water in your bathroom.
SERVPRO uses tools such as wet/dry vacuums and extractors to cleanup pooled and stagnant water. Once the water is gone, we can use moisture meters to detect if your bathroom needs further drying. Leaving it without checking could allow the development of mold in your bathroom. Should the space need further remediation, we can use tools such as ventilation box fans and air movers to reduce moisture. Lastly, we can recommend to you a plumber to unclog the sink your child stuffed up, so this problem will not happen again.
Do not hesitate if your child should cause an extensive mess in your home that needs a professional touch. Dial (312) 509-5000 to get in touch with SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville. We always strive to return your home to its pre-flooded state.

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We Have The Proper Techniques To Restore Your Chicago Home After A Water Loss

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

A huge water spot on the ceiling of this home We have the equipment, training, and experience to restore your home to pre-damage condition right away after a water loss.

Restoring the Vibrance of Hardwood after Chicago Water Losses

Premier building materials like hardwood used for cabinetry, shelving, flooring, and other areas of your Chicago home can become damaged when exposed to water losses. Because of the cellulose in woods like oak, maple, pine, and cedar, absorption can happen after only a short period, even with finished surfaces with a varnish or sealant. Prolonged exposure can mar the surface of these materials and require additional steps from our SERVPRO professionals to restore their vibrancy and aesthetic appeal.

No effort to refinish or repair hardwood water damage to Chicago homes can be successful without first extracting standing water and drying out saturated materials. Water losses can originate from many different places in the house, and one of these is underneath the flooring materials in a plumbing network to various fixtures throughout the property. Whether moisture originates from the top layer or beneath the underlayment of the flooring, drying out this saturation involves a full arrangement of powerful tools, including air movers, dehumidifiers, and drying mats.

Genuine hardwood structural elements are often cheaper to dry than to remove and replace. Even with substantial saturation concerns that require prolonged deployments of drying mats, centrifugal air movers, and appropriately positioned dehumidification machines, these efforts are less costly than the expense of replacing the material and the charge of reconstruction. Restoring the final look of these surfaces can happen in several ways once this drying step completes.


We have many floor cleaners that our SERVPRO professionals can use to regain the original sheen and polished finish on hardwood surfaces. Products that utilize citric bases and thyme oil can both provide a glossy shine as well as work to remove any water damage residue that might exist.


Our team of in-house residential contractors can repair hardwood flooring and offer refinishing services. This approach can improve the top layer of flooring or other wood surfaces without requiring the removal of the material itself.


There are times where specific hardwood materials and structural elements cannot get restored and repaired as initially thought. The solution in these situations is to remove portions of the floors, sections of cabinets, or other exposed surfaces and rebuild them after mitigation and cleaning.

Water losses can damage the look of hardwood in your home, but our SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville team can help. We have experienced technicians and contractors trained to make these losses “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (312) 509-5000.

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Mitigating Furniture Loss during Water Removal in Chicago

11/8/2019 (Permalink)

water covering tile flooring For thorough water removal services, contact SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000.

Mitigating Furniture Loss during Water Removal in Chicago Residences

Large quantities from a variety of sources can end up in your property. For some, adjacent tenements or overall water supply malfunctions can cause flooding. These external flood-causing factors may also include heavy rainfall or a violent storm. Equally likely, is that water spills occur because of internal issues. These issues could include faulty appliances, a malfunctioning sump pump, drainage issues, or sewer back-up. In short, there are so many potentially damage-causing incidents that mitigating against all of them is impossible. However, you can prepare adequately to reduce the impact when these situations do happen.

As a responsible homeowner, one way you can prepare ahead of time is by finding a water removal company in Chicago. Local services can often reduce call-out times as well as providing an intimate knowledge of the architecture and design of properties common to the area. SERVPRO is a local restoration service provider that uses industry-leading training and expertise to help homeowners overcome water-related emergencies.

After contacting SERVPRO, you can begin the restoration procedure by removing items from the affected area. Be extra-careful as areas of the home can become warped, weakened, or dangerous under massive amounts of water pressure. Standing water also creates a visibility barrier, which could lead to tripping over when moving through it. However, if you feel confident in removing small furnishings from the affected area, this can prove efficient in helping to mitigate permanent losses.

Larger furnishings, such as tables, couches, and armchairs can often be raised above the water level, rather than completely removed. SERVPRO technicians can block furniture or stack it, to ensure that there is no danger of permanent harm from prolonged exposure to moisture. Blocking furniture can also be an efficient preventative measure against fabric dyes bleeding into carpets. Once your furniture is safe, we can pump out excess water before moving in with specialty drying methods to get your home back to its preloss condition.

For thorough water removal services, contact SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000.

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If Your Hardwood Floors In Your Chicago Home Are Damaged, Let Our Experts Help!

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

bedroom with white walls and bed, flooded SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville appreciates the opportunity to protect and preserve your beloved home from water damage.

Call The Chicago Water Removal Experts For Hardwood Floor Damage

Whether water spread from an overflowing sink or blew in during a heavy summer rainstorm, the prized hardwood floors in your vintage Chicago foursquare home can conceal severe damage. The construction details of a hardwood floor installation help explain why hardwood can sustain long term damage while initially looking like it weathered the storm perfectly. We can enhance your understanding of the anatomy of a hardwood floor and mitigate and remediate the harm done.

Leaving the windows open for cross ventilation made sense when you left for work, but an afternoon thunderstorm poured inside. The horizontal sheets of rain necessitate water removal in your Chicago Craftsman home’s dining room. A quick mopping cannot account for all the moisture your floor struggled to handle. Failing to account for percolation of water below the visible surface of the floor can result in distortion of the hardwood, deterioration of subflooring, and the risk of secondary damage like mold or mildew growth.

A floor’s total structure includes joists installed at vertical intervals with plywood sheets attached across to provide underlying support. The boards of the visible floor lie on top of the subfloor. SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) are trained to investigate whether the subfloor absorbed water as it seeped between the strips or planks of the floor. We use sensitive meters to compare the moisture content of each layer, ready to take steps to restore the appropriate balance.

The optimal moisture content for both the hardwood and substrate is roughly 13 percent. When the disparity between the layers is more than two percent for wide plank, and four percent for strip hardwood problems develop. A wetter subfloor transfers moisture to the dryer hardwood, causing a distortion called cupping where the long edges of each board rise, creating a shallow valley on each plank or strip. Fast action by the SERVPRO team limits the time moisture can wick upwards.

We extract any visible puddling and then use a negative air pressure system to suction the water from deep below the surface. SERVPRO technicians attach mats to the floor and connect hoses from a powerful extractor, accelerating the removal of moisture at all levels. Frequent monitoring of moisture levels and repositioning of the mats ensure the floor dries out evenly. Patience and professionalism return even century-old hardwood to preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville appreciates the opportunity to protect and preserve your beloved home from water damage. Call us at (312) 509-5000 for water removal and structural drying services.

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Stressed By Water Damage In Your Chicago Home? Call Us!

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

family laying on their stomachs on the sand Save your carpet for the good times.

Don't stress call SERVPRO today!

Carpeting can be a comforting part of Chicago homes and can help give your rooms a welcoming atmosphere. However, carpets can become a nightmare to deal with after exposure to water from a leak or broken faucet. Once wet, carpeting can facilitate the spread of mold or can disguise damage in the subflooring beneath it. When it comes to carpets, a rapid response is key, so it is vital that you choose professionals who can work to mitigate damages efficiently.

SERVPRO offers a wide range of services to address water damage in Chicago homes. Our experienced water damage restoration technicians (WRT) are Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified and are trained to quickly dry carpeting and can check for underlying damages. Carpeting can lose half of its adhesive strength once spillage penetrates vapor barriers, and it only gets worse as time goes on. Sections that come into long term contact with water can experience permanent delamination from the subflooring below, forcing us to remove and discard of these areas.

Our crews can begin the drying process by removing standing water from your floors. This can be done with the assistance of wet vacs and pumps. With the spillage removed from your home, we can begin the drying process. For the fastest results, we can remove affected areas of carpet for air drying and can speed up the process with the use of air movers and dehumidifiers. However, in homes that have furniture on top of carpets, we can dry the affected areas in-place at a slower rate.

To ensure that we address all damages in your home, we can use moisture sensors to detect water damage in your subfloors. If we discover excess moisture, we can strip your carpeting and utilize additional air movers and dehumidifiers to fully dry out subflooring.

Dealing with water damage can be stressful. SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville is here to help put you at ease, so call us at (312) 509-5000 when you have a water damage emergency.

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We Can Restore Your Water Damaged Carpet In Chicago

5/31/2019 (Permalink)

24/7 SERVICE in white on a blue background Restoring rather than replacing items like carpets could keep your claim rates low, contact SERVPRO at (312) 509-5000 for assistance.

Remediating Carpeted Properties In Chicago After Water Damage

Carpeted properties can become extensively damaged by a water spill. However, with the right approach, most carpets can be restored rather than replaced. Our technicians carry with them a carpet repair kit including razor knives, power stretchers, seaming tape and knee kickers to help remediate structural components in your home without resorting to expensive replacements.

One of the core parts of remediating water damage in Chicago properties is to pay close attention to your properties subfloor. The subfloor can imbibe moisture, which means any cleaning processes undertaken for carpets or pads are rendered ineffective as the moisture returns after carpets are put back in their original position.

In order to access and assess your subfloor, we need to remove carpets. Pulling up a carpet can help to provide airflow to the subfloor as well as allowing us to treat the carpet to remediation processes separately. Subfloor mats placed between the carpet and floor can often break apart when there is the presence of moisture and usually require removal, disposal, and replacement. Since subfloor mats are relatively cheap, replacing a subfloor mat is a time-efficient method that allows us to concentrate on the more complex challenges.

The carpets that have been removed to be treated separately can often be 'floated' to remove moisture and prevent shrinking. Floating carpets involves loosening the carpet tack strips and placing rapid air-movers underneath the loosened carpet. This technique is especially effective in mid to minor scale spills and helps us to ensure that any moisture that may have wicked to the baseboard is dried.

Before replacing a carpet to its original position, a SERVPRO technician can treat both sides of the carpet with an anti-microbial chemical or biocide. Although the most effective means of controlling microbial growth is through drying, anti-microbial treatments can provide a short-term fix and prevent mold colonies from forming overnight.

Restoring rather than replacing items like carpets could keep your claim rates low, contact SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000 for assistance.

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Chicago Water Loss Making Things Difficult? We Can Ease the Pain--Call SERVPRO

5/27/2019 (Permalink)

infrared view of a home In a Chicago Home, Moisture Can Run But It Cannot Hide from SERVPRO--We Remove Water and Dry Your Property

Innovative Equipment and Highly-Trained Technicians Are the Keys to Chicago Water Damage Remediation

It is no surprise that water losses in your Chicago home pose the possibility of permanent and secondary harm to structural components and contents. Timely removal of water and efficient drying and restoration techniques by our reliable and highly skilled Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) is a smart solution. Mastering the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) guidelines ensure our crews employ only restoration industry best practices at the job site.

Water damage in your Chicago home can be the result of long-term neglect of leaks or a significant breach in a pipe or water-holding appliance like a water heater. Our team can manage any kind of water loss, including an investigation into the migration of the moisture to other areas of your home to avoid future surprises. We augment the initial assessment of visible water with data collected from moisture sensor readings. Thermal imaging locates caches of water pooling in building cavities.

Pin or pinless meters with wood, reference, and drywall scale modes help SERVPRO technicians calculate the moisture levels in common building materials. These readings provide a baseline for establishing drying goals and also help us track water movement, so we miss no wet structures or fixtures. A thermo-hygrometer measures temperature, relative humidity, and dew point, guiding us as we proceed with structural drying. Periodic measurements with these tools ensure we reduce the moisture appropriately among a wide range of materials.

Standing water can build up rapidly. We use pumps for two inches or more and wanded extractors to complete this phase of the job. Negative air pressure systems connect into wall cavities and multilayer flooring with hoses and mats, using suction to pull water settled into crevices or behind structures. On occasion, SERVPRO technicians perform carefully controlled demolition to release trapped water and allow for unimpeded airflow during drying. Flood cuts and drilled holes strategically placed save the majority of structures, requiring limited build-back after the remediation completes.

Rely on SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville to use state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices when we respond to your water loss. Call (312) 509-5000 to schedule an assessment by our IICRC-certified team, ready to turn damaged to “Like it never even happened” fast.

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The Most Important Elements of Water Damage Remediation in Chicago

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

water spots on a white wall by a window Water damage can quickly take over your home. Contact SERVPRO professionals for quick water damage remediation assistance .

Water Damage Mitigation Specialists in Chicago Prevent Spreading of Moisture in Residences

When your house experiences invading rainwater, flooding, or plumbing failures, SERVPRO is prepared to help out with your emergency. Chicago homes often have beautiful wood flooring and hold family treasures that homeowners intend to pass down to younger generations. Both of these can become damaged if emergencies do not receive the attention they require.

Residents can rely on SERVPRO to arrive with the necessary equipment to start the job and finish it quickly, so everything is "Like it never even happened." A large portion of our work involves water mitigation services in Chicago.

Through mitigation, we stop the spread of damaging water and moisture. Keeping dry items and materials from ever becoming saturated means we eliminate the need for restoration or replacement in these locations. While repairing damaged materials and belongings usually carries a lower cost than replacement expenses do, preventing damage, to begin with, is even more cost-effective.

Because moisture moves to dry locations, we use machines that pull water vapor out of the air. As the air steadily becomes drier, air movers can continually remove moisture out of outer layers of materials, furniture and other items inside your home. We use moisture meter readers to assess the percentage of humidity contained in the different things, preventing the possibility of over-drying.

Many things release moisture into the air more quickly than other materials. Drywall and other highly porous items let moisture enter the air faster than denser materials, like concrete or brick. We apply heat in some cases, as well as open windows and increase the number of air movers and desiccant machines when an area contains more slowly-drying materials.

Knowing the rate at which different materials dry helps us keep moisture from invading dry areas without over-drying areas susceptible to damage from too little humidity. When your home needs specialists who care about the result in your Woodlawn or Douglas home, call SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville at (312) 509-5000. We can help clean up the affected areas and keep the rest of your house safe.

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Water Damage Can Be Caused By Your Sprinkler System In Your Apartment In Chicago

2/20/2019 (Permalink)

flames rising up to the ceiling with a sprinkler While you cannot account for the failure of your sprinkler system, this network of piping can leave water damage throughout your entire apartment.

Water Cleanup For Sprinkler Misfires In Your Chicago Apartment

Fire suppression systems are common installations for your Chicago apartment building. While they do their part to put out a fire once it begins, they are not without errors or miscalculations that could leave you with widespread water loss without a reasonable explanation. Even with small fires, the volume of water often released from this suppression system extinguishes the blaze and can still leave a considerable mess to clean.

When you have a fire suppression system that turns on erroneously, you want the right professional water cleanup team in Chicago to arrive quickly with the tools and expertise to help. Our SERVPRO professionals have extensive training in water damage recovery and can help you to not only clean up the mess that the sprinkler system has left in your apartment but also work to dry out this damage as well and protect structural elements from requiring replacement.

From the time that our experts arrive at your home, we work quickly to determine the full scope of the damage. While much of the effects can be visible to our team and the property owner, this does not always show the entire scope of saturation and penetration. Through moisture detection equipment, our technicians can identify moisture pockets in wall cavities, ceiling spaces, subflooring, and other areas that do not get seen with the naked eye.

Cleanup of this water damage begins with drying up the damage that can get seen, and then shifting focus to drying out inaccessible areas with a minimalistic approach. With tools like our injectidry system, our SERVPRO technicians can drill holes behind removed baseboards to send hoses into wall cavities to dry out these areas without the need for extensive material removal.

While you cannot account for the failure of your sprinkler system, this network of piping can leave water damage throughout your entire apartment in a few moments. Let our SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville water restoration specialists handle the mess and make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (312) 509-5000.

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Dealing With Mold After Water Damage In Chicago Properties

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

mod damage on a white ceiling tearing and falling from water damage The last thing a homeowner wants in their property is mold.

Dealing With Mold After Water Damage

The last thing a homeowner wants in their property is mold. Unfortunately, in colder climates across America, it's an unfortunate reality. The causes of mold are varied and can occur from heavy rainfall, leaks in your plumbing or even in your HVAC. Moisture can fit into the smallest spaces or be absorbed by drywall making it difficult to guard against the growth of mold.

Properties that have suffered previous water damage in Chicago are at a higher risk of mold or mildew buildup. Anything from cracks between the floorboards, crawlspaces or behind fittings are places where moisture can seep in undetected. These areas are the ideal conditions for mold to grow and the resultant spores can cause it to spread rapidly.

When you call in a SERVPRO technician, the first thing you should provide as much information as you can. Usually, we need to cordon off the affected area to prevent spores from spreading to other areas of your home. Until the area is contained, we can not introduce air flow, such as using vacuums, as it would risk spreading.

Containment could include using plastic sheeting, negative airflow, covering of ducts (if we suspect mold in your HVAC), as well as decontamination rooms for SERVPRO equipment and PPE gear. Unfortunately, the majority of porous materials like fabrics must be removed and discarded. Non-porous materials in your home can be cleaned by our technician using HEPA vacuums or sanitizers.

Once all visible signs of mold have been removed from the containment area, the next job is to thoroughly dry materials and structure to protect against future infection. Regular drying equipment like air movers can be counter-productive and spread spores around. For that reason, SERVPRO can delay the drying procedure focusing on removing infected materials and lighter equipment like dehumidifiers.

As part of our service, we can remove and dispose of all contaminated materials to lessen the risk of mold returning to your home. We can also thoroughly deodorize the affected area using chemical foggers to get rid of that musty smell to make it "Like it never even happened."

If you spot mold on your walls or furnishings don't hesitate, call SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville 24/7 at (312) 509-5000.

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Starting Restoration Services with Water Removal Protects Your Chicago Property

6/22/2018 (Permalink)

white bathroom sink overflowing with water When accidents or disasters happen, SERVPRO is Here to Help.

Water removal for your home

Accidents involving forgotten bathtubs or sinks that eventually overflow onto the floor, busted pipes, or loose shingles in your roof can lead to problems with undesired water causing problems in your Chicago residence. Dealing with the problem yourself might not turn out as quickly done as expected. SERVPRO can help protect your home from damages that stem from the presence of water.

Property owners in Chicago can rely on SERVPRO's professional water removal services to get the job done right. We prevent future problems by making your home “Like it never even happened.” Removing the water that invaded your home keeps damages related to microbial growth, wood rot, dry rot, peeling paint and loosened wallpapers, and many other problems from developing into full-fledged problems.

When we get a call that requires water removal equipment, we arrive at the residence with our Green Fleet ready to extract the water and start drying the interior of the home out thoroughly. Our more massive pumps are mounted on trucks and can pull thousands of gallons out very rapidly if needed. No job is too large or complicated for our expert teams. When smaller spills occur, we also carry the equipment for that specific situation. Hand-operated water extraction units remove water efficiently.

Our water removal regimen includes drying out any affected contents, as well. Our air movers and desiccant machines dry out the air, personal belongings and furniture, and visible structures. We use equipment to air out and dry any interior wall spaces that may have gotten saturated.

Using our moisture detectors both before and during our work, we can quickly detect the amount of moisture that exists in materials throughout your home. Infrared thermal imaging devices can detect hidden water, as well, ensuring that we locate hidden areas of water that may cause problems otherwise. We want to leave your home completely restored and as protected from future damage as possible.

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville is always ready to answer your call at (312) 509-5000. We serve those in the Woodlawn, Washington Park, and Douglas areas whenever water removal services are needed to protect a residence from the damages of unwanted, intrusive water.

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Moisture Sensors Help Dry Structures After Water Damage in Chicago

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

infrared scanner pointing at a wall showing infrared readings Tools like this can help our technicians know where water removal is needed.

Equipment needed to remove water damage

Laundry is a household task that most of us do without giving it much thought. We put our dirty clothes in the washer, turn on the machine and forget about it until we hear the buzzer reminding us the washing cycle is complete. Undoubtedly, the soapy water standing on the basement floor was a surprise when you went back to check on your washing. Calling a professional to extract the water as soon as possible can help lessen the amount of damage to your flooring and removing hidden pockets of water may prevent mold from growing.

SERVPRO provides water removal in Chicago. An overflowing sink can cause a great deal of water damage in hidden areas such as behind baseboards and under floorboards, which is why calling us is can help. We have tools that can find concealed moisture that could cause additional damage to the structure. The team utilizes different moisture meters to determine if water is hiding in various areas such as inside the baseboards. The penetrating meter has probes that can test underneath flooring as well as inside wall cavities. Penetrating surfaces assist technicians when calculating the level of water migration. The crew can also use non-penetrating sensors that they place on a surface to get moisture readings. Moisture meters help return structures back to their normal moisture levels. Plus, they aid in detecting if a structure is dry.

The SERVPRO technicians may also use thermo-hygrometers to measure both temperature and humidity levels. The tech allows the meters to adapt to the air conditions in the area before taking a reading. Next, they use those results in combination with a psychrometric calculator or chart to determine the level of humidity. The crew compares air readings in four areas that include the outside the structure, the affected and unaffected sections and from the exhaust coming through the dehumidifier into the affected area. Using this type of moisture meter helps technicians establish if dehumidification is contributing to the drying process. Plus, employing more than one sensor aids technicians when determining if an area is dry. It may be necessary to do further inspection such as removing baseboards or molding to assess dryness and to vent wall cavities.

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville has the tools to handle water removal emergencies in your home. Give us a call at (312) 509-5000 day or night.

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All You Need to Know When You Face Water Damage in Chicago

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

water flooding a laundry room with a white washer If you experience water damage, call on the professionals at SERVPRO to help.

Call on SERVPRO to Identify the Category of Water Damage in Your Home

Every property owner fears to experience water damage incidents since they bring about a lot of losses. The other aspect of such problems is that they make your contents undergo slow but steady deterioration if you fail to start the remediation process as soon as possible. For instance, there is a risk of mold growth, which can cause health effects and permanent destruction to your Chicago home.

There are three main types of water you should expect during a water damage incident in Chicago, and these are Category 1 (clean water), Category 2 (gray water) and Category 3 also known as black water. Our SERVPRO technicians understand that both black and gray water can present health effects to the occupants, and therefore handle such situations differently and wear Personal Protective Equipment during the remediation process.

Sometimes it can be challenging to develop a clear picture of the areas with the actual damage. It is critical to first identify such areas by using specialized equipment like moisture meters because water usually hides in places like walls. The next step is to dry the wet areas, and the materials we are restoring determine the method our SERVPRO technicians use. If we are restoring an insulated wall, then we may decide to introduce flood cuts, otherwise, weep holes can be an option when reclaiming walls with no insulation.

Our SERVPRO team also establishes a proper airflow in the area to enhance the drying process. Opening windows and introducing air movers might not be enough in places where the moisture load is high, and we might need to do more. When drying your property, we can use hygrometers to ensure the area does not end up with excess humidity. We can perform dehumidification to absorb the extra moisture if we notice there is high humidity.

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville is an industry leader in residential and commercial restoration. Call us at (312) 509-5000 when you face fire, mold, water or storm damage, and we can make it “Like it never even happened.”  

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SERVPRO Provides Water Removal from Chicago Flooded Vehicles

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

three vehicles submerged in flood waters near a bridge SERVPRO has experience mitigating flood damage to vehicles.

Flooded Vehicles Require Delicate and Thorough Water Removal

In the event of a flood, you may find your vehicles more heavily damaged than your home. The vehicle may be on the street, where water flow is the strongest, or could have other factors contributing to a more negative reaction to flooding than the home. In some cases, cars and trucks can trap water inside the cabin/ or other parts of the car, requiring a professional Chicago water removal service to clean up. SERVPRO has experience reversing the effects of flood damage from homes and vehicles alike and can dry out your vehicles with as little damage to them as possible.

What Makes Work in Vehicles Challenging?

Flooded vehicles can be some of the most challenging water removal jobs in Chicago. While homes afford us ample space and freedom of movement during our work efforts, vehicles have much tighter spaces to work in. They have little breathing room for our technicians and equipment, and we often must rely on more time-consuming hand-applied drying and water extraction methods. Furthermore, flood damage often critically impairs vehicles, making operations in some dangerous and difficult.

How Does SERVPRO Help?

Our technicians are trained and equipped to provide the delicate and thorough care needed by flooded vehicles. If a significant amount of water remains in the vehicle, we can use water extractors to pump liquid water out of interiors, trunks, truck beds, and engine compartments. We can then remove seats and objects from the car to accelerate the drying process and ensure that every component gets looked at carefully. If necessary, SERVPRO may call in a local expert contractor to assist with restorations to delicate components such as electronic dashboards and engine components. We make every effort to help the vehicle become roadworthy once more, or gain as much resale value as possible. 

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville is a local provider of flexible and professional water removal solutions. If your home or vehicle has taken on excess water, call us at (312) 509-5000.  

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Handle Water Damage In Your Chicago Area Home Immediately

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

water dripping from a white ceiling with yellow wall paper on the walls It doesn't take a flood to cause water damage in your Chicago area home.

Water Damage In Your Home

You might be the type of homeowner that has a small spot on their ceiling that only gets wet after significant rainfall. Tempting you to do something like, put things off until later, or avoid taking steps to protect your Chicago property. If this sounds like you; disaster may be right around the corner.

It does not take a flood to cause water damage in your Chicago area home. A tiny problem that happens repeatedly can have the same devastating effects. Corrosion, rot, rust, and even mold can hide in hard to reach areas of your home, making it impossible to see the entire problem, without hiring a professional.

SERVPRO responds to situations all of the time that homeowners could avoid, with a little knowledge. A small roof leak, for instance, can do damage to your attic, rafters, insulation, and framing. Eventually, problems develop on your home’s interior, causing drop ceiling and visual damage to your walls. As this happens, water continues making its way to the lowest point of your home. Water is quite sneaky, following electrical lines, plumbing, gas lines, and other avenues, creating damage along the way that causes a wealth of future problems for you to deal with that your insurance company might even call neglect.

Why? You ask. Any insurance company is more likely to pay out on new, emergency water damage claims than they would for extensive damage that appears to have developed over extended periods. They may feel that as a resident, you should have recognized the problem and taken steps to avoid significant problems.

Asking for help as soon as you locate water damage issues in your home can contribute to removing these obstacles from your path. Companies like SERVPRO give you access to qualified professionals that trace the problem to its source, provide necessary repairs, and make your home new again.

You can even learn more about where water problems often begin, helping you catch problems even sooner the next time. SERVPRO’s IICRC certified technicians promote best practices, inspecting the entire area, ensuring proper removal of all excess water found in your home.

Get help from quality water damage restoration personnel at SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville, now. We provide full-service solutions to homeowners throughout the E. Bridgeport and Bronzeville areas as well, call today (312) 509-5000.

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Water Removal Services In Chicago When A Dishwasher Has Overflowed

8/25/2017 (Permalink)

female standing next to a sink overflowing with water and soap suds Water damage from a malfunctioned appliance can paralyze activities in the kitchen and lead to all sorts of odors.

Water Removal Services

At SERVPRO, we receive many flooding emergencies involving dishwashers that have overflowed and caused damage to floors and other nearby areas. Water damage from a malfunctioned appliance can paralyze activities in the kitchen and lead to all sorts of odors. In fact, it's one of the most frequent causes of moisture damage in the house.

Fixing damage from a leaking dishwasher is a daunting task that requires professional help. SERVPRO is a locally based restoration company that can provide quick water removal services in your Chicago property when a home appliance has overflowed. Certified by the IICRC, our technicians are highly experienced and equipped to overcome any water damage from a malfunctioned dishwasher.

One of the most frequent mistakes property owners make in this situation is assuming that only the floors require water removal. After moping out the water with some towels, they sit back satisfied that the job is done. Unfortunately, when water overflows from the dishwasher, it tends to spread to other parts of the home. It can soak the kitchen cabinets or even permeate the floors and make its way to the crawlspace below. In some cases, it can penetrate the walls and soak up your insulation or even cause damage to electrical sockets in the walls.

Our water removal experts utilize various detection and monitoring devices to determine exactly how far this water has traveled and which areas have been affected. For instance, we use the moisture sensor to detect the presence of moisture in soft materials, as well as moisture meters to determine the actual moisture content in different materials.

Sadly, most homeowners do not realize the extent of the water damage until it is too late. Some items, such as furniture and carpeting, are extremely vulnerable to water. If they are soaked in water for too long, it may be difficult to salvage them through our drying efforts.

Two common consequences of prolonged exposure to water damage are weakened support structures in the house and mold growth. You need to contact SERVPRO within 24-48 hours after water contamination to control mold growth at its early stages. Once they start growing, these fungi multiply quickly and may be hazardous to your health.

The secret to effective water removal when a dishwasher overflows or malfunctions is acting fast. Fortunately, SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville is strategically located to offer quick water removal services in the Chicago area. For emergency services, call us today at (312) 509-5000.

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The Water Removal Process In South Shore

11/1/2016 (Permalink)

large bathroom with tile floor covered in water When there is a loss due to water damage, professional restoration services quickly begin their water removal process by using advanced equipment.

Truck Mount Vacuums And The Water Damage Removal Process

When there is a loss due to water damage, professional restoration services quickly begin their water removal process by using advanced industry equipment, like a truck mount extractor. A truck mount extractor can be used solely or with other water extraction tools. A truck mount extractor helps to pump out the water in damaged homes or commercial establishments.

Truck mounts are large, powerful extracting machines whose power comes from sucking water through a hose that has a wand at its end which is used to skim the surface of your wet flooring. The water removal process in South Shore structures when damage occurs is powerfully extracted by a truck mount vacuum removal process. As water removal equipment, a truck mount is available in two different types.

There is the slide-in truck mounts and the van-powered truck mounts. Slide-in truck mount systems are easily transferable from one vehicle to another. The van-powered truck mounts are very compact for easier use by remediation experts. The van-powered systems that arrive on a water removal site are limited in transferable vehicle options. Both truck mount systems are necessary for water removal environments.

Water damage is one of the main contributors to property loss. No matter how water damage occurs, its quick removal is necessary. SERVPRO uses powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units. These systems can extract hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property. We also use infrared cameras to find hidden water spots, hygrometers, powerful pumps, and more to help restore your home or business.

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville is a locally owned and operated business. We are close by and ready to respond immediately when you need cleaning or restoration services. Call us anytime; we are accessible 24 hours a day to help our community. Contact us at (312) 509-5000 when you need the best in restoration and remediation services from water, fire, mold, or storm damages.

Bronzeville Water Damage - Water damage in Bronzeville Caused by a Burst Pipe

5/11/2016 (Permalink)

copper pipe with a crack in it One of the most expensive restoration projects for a property owner in Bronzeville with water damage can be the water damage from burst pipes.

Burst Pipes Can Cause Water Damage in Bronzeville

Pipes which have burst could have several reasons for doing so, which include high water pressure, pipes freezing, or damaged and degraded materials. One of the most expensive restoration projects for a property owner in Bronzeville with water damage can be the water damage from burst pipes.

Prevention and Preparation
A lot of property owners want to know how to avoid this costly occurrence and how to be prepared for it in case it does happen to them. The first step to take is to find a trustworthy water damage restoration company who will be able to help you in an emergency should one arise. It is much easier to have one on hand then to be scrambling to find one if something happens.

You will then want to maintain your pipes as best as you can throughout the year. The number one reason for burst pipes is frozen pipes, so make sure that all pipes, particularly those outdoors, are insulated properly. If it is a property that you leave for an extended time frame, make sure to leave the faucets in the home on at a trickle to keep the pipes from freezing. Opening a faucet up will relieve any extra pressure inside the piping. Remember that a dripping faucet will waste water, so you should only do this with pipes that are vulnerable to freezing.
The temperature on the inside of the house shouldn’t drop below fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit at any time. Even though water freezes at 36 degrees Fahrenheit, the probability of the pipes freezing are higher the colder it gets.

Find Your Water Main
Knowing where the water main is to your property is important in preventing any water damage that is catastrophic in the event of burst pipes. Make sure, as well that everyone in the home is familiar where the water main can be found in case of an emergency.

Turning Off Electric
Ensure the safety of your family and the restoration crew which you will need to call in the event of Bronzeville water damage by turning off any electricity running to the area which is affected. This will prevent dangerous situations, such as electrocution and fire.

Get Debris Out of Drains
If there are any drains by the affected area, make sure they do not have any blockage or debris in them. This will help the water damage technicians from SERVPRO while they are restoring the damage done by the burst pipes.

If you do experience a burst pipe, leave the faucets open until the repairs have been finished. Don’t try to thaw the pipes on your own, but rather wait for SERVPRO to help you. We’ll also look for mold as well, as it is very dangerous to let any mold remain in your home. Contact SERVPRO of Hyde Park / E. Bridgeport / Bronzeville right away if you have experienced a burst pipe so that it can be taken care of as soon as possible. We can be reached at (312) 509-5000.